Hotel Accommodation and Reimbursements

Conference Centre Soeterbeeck is the place of venue and the hotel. The original character of the convent has been kept in tact as much as possible, which means that you will sleep in the former cells of the sisters. Bathrooms are shared, but comfortable bathrobes are provided free of charge. Your single room is furnished with an excellent bed, a desk with reading lamp and a washbasin. There is free wireless internet in all the rooms for those bringing their own computers and computers with Internet facilities for public use are available in the common rooms.
We will reimburse the travel costs (economy class) of personally invited guests. We kindly request the personally invited guests to please indicate on the attached form the estimated costs you will make for travelling. Reimbursement forms will be available during the conference. Please make sure to save all your tickets and boarding passes.
Lodging at Soeterbeeck will be provided by us and free of charge for all. Please indicate on the attached form which overnight reservations we can make for you. You are cordially invited to the conference dinner on November 4. In the evening beverages are available in the hall downstairs at your own cost. Please register your own drinks and pay upon leaving at the hotel desk


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