Travel information

Ravenstein is easily reachable by train. There are regular direct trains from Schiphol Airport/Amsterdam to Nijmegen, leaving every half hour. There are more trains when you change in Utrecht. Alternatively, you can take the train to Den Bosch (= ‘s Hertogenbosch). Ravenstein is situated between Nijmegen and ‘s Hertogenbosch.
In Nijmegen or ‘s Hertogenbosch, change trains and take the slow train (stoptrein) to Ravenstein. Be careful not to take the intercity when departing from Nijmegen or ‘s Hertogenbosch as this will not stop in Ravenstein. Please do not take the taxi as this will be very expensive and take much more time. Taxi costs will not be reimbursed.
For those flying Ryan Air to Eindhoven, they can take the bus to Eindhoven train station and then the train to Nijmegen or ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), there change trains to Ravenstein.
For the most up to date time table of the train see Dutch Railways or
When arriving at Ravenstein station take the cycle path leading into the fields. To the right you see a cluster of houses and the little church spire of the Soeterbeeck complex. (about 8 minutes walk). (It can be dark at night, but it is safe to walk there.) It is easiest to walk as the bus service is very irregular and takes much longer (for a map see HERE).


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